Strategic Planning Committee

The Stockbridge Bowl Association Board Members recently formed an ad hoc committee – The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

Purpose: to assure the implementation of the Lake Management Program of October 1996, for the Stockbridge Bowl, which the Selectmen adopted with the approval of 88% of the Town’s citizens. Mankind has interfered with the natural flow of Mother Nature to the detriment of the Stockbridge Bowl. Tenneco Co. installed pipe lines through the outlet. Also Town sewer pipes were placed there. Both installations impede the natural flow of water out of the lake. The holding pond at the inlet has filled in with silt due to increased runoffs from the land resulting from new building sites. We must go back to what the natural conditions were so that we can go forward to protect the future state of the lake.

Approach: It is the intention of the SPC to work closely with the Town Selectmen, state agencies, state senators and representatives and other vested interest groups e.g., Tanglewood, Kripalu Camp Mah-kee-nac, and Canyon Ranch. Tanglewood has a prominent view of the lake from its grouds and maintains a beachfront, as does Kripalu. The idea is to follow what was done in the 1970s when the state intended to place a minimal security prison at what was the former Jesuit Seminary at Shadowbrook, now Kripalu. Joan Kopperl was chair of the committee to prevent the prison from being placed at that location. The approach taken was successful and no prison was built at this site overlooking the Stockbridge Bowl.

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