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The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

The SPC was established in August 2004. The tasks defined were defined as:

  • Development of a model to implement the Lake Management Plan
  • Review the “need for” and “means of” increasing visibility of the Stockbridge Bowl
  • Identification of the relevant constituencies to address conservation issues as they relate to the Bowl.

The SPC was an outgrowth of the Liaison Committee which was formed “…to formalize and more clearly understand the relationship and shared responsibilities with the Town.” It was noted that the Town has the ultimate responsibility for the lake, but that the SBA as an association can help. The relationship between the Town and the SBA has grown into a very productive private public partnership.

Building and expanding that relationship continued to be a goal identified when the SPC was formed, and the above identified goals were added. In 2012 when it became clear that the goals of Campaign Committee and the SPC overlapped, the two committees effectively merged as raising the necessary funds to implement the Lake Management Plan became the major goal of the organization. And the identified tasks are completely relevant to the campaign.

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