• New 100 yard markers have been installed around the lake and many new Danger markers have been put out over rocks or shallow areas. Behind the island you will see 9 markers. 1 is Danger marking a rock and the other 8 set off two areas in which we hope to cut pond lilies to encourage natural vegetation to grow. If the test is successful more cutting may be permitted.
  • We have more SBA hats and shirts if anyone wants them. Hats are $15 and shirts are $30. More items will be shown at the annual meeting. Aprons fleeces and tote bags will also be made available.
  • Stockbridge town flags are available at town hall.
  • We hope to start harvesting weeds soon. Hydro-raking will be done at the town beach, Beachwood, Kripalu, Tanglewood Beach, Camp Mah-Kee-Nac and the White Pines Beach. In addition, the channel from the island to the spillway will be cut on a regular basis. The normal harvesting around the lake will be done as well. The objective is to get as many cubic yards of vegetation out of the lake. If weeds are left in the water they become next years fertilizer. The second objective is to make the lake more user friendly. That is more friendly to people and boats. We are trying create a good balance between protecting the environment at the same time as making it a better place for recreation and human enjoyment. Our lake and almost every other lake in the country have been abused by us over the last 150 years and it is our job to reverse this. One way you can help is not to use any kind of fertilizer around or near the lake. Eventually all the fertilizers get into the water and encourage vegetation growth.
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